Barger Dogs

bill barger
Barger-Stock Feist Squirrel Dogs and Jack Russell Terriers
from the Double-B Kennels in East Tennessee



The husband and wife team of Bill and Rita Barger that run Double-B Kennels are successful breeders in competition hunts, shows, as well as pure pleasure. Our Feist pups are started dogs (if requested). Below are photos of some of our Feists. If you are interested in one of our squirrel dogs, please feel free to contact us. Also, check our Bill's regular article in Full Cry Magazine.

Enjoy the photos below of some special Barger Stock Feists

Tinker Belle Starr Larry-Wilson Squirrel Bench Show Champ

Bill and Little Champ

Some of our kennels

After a successful hunt.

Bill, Rowdy, Night Train, & Roy Ross

Barger's Rowdy

Hatcher's BB & Sissy

Hatcher's Sissy

Little Joe

Rowdy, Sissy, Night Train


We'd love for you to drop by and visit our kennel. If you would like more information on these champion Feist Hunting Dogs or our Jack Russell Terriers, please feel free to call or write.

Bill Barger
251 Mays Valley Road
Harriman, Tennessee 37748